January 6, 2015

24 – and before is not anymore

25 – its strange & good to be alive
26 – seeing things that need a fix
27 – bills for pills and therapy sessions
28 – accept it all as a trick of fate
29 – would make a change if there was time
the big three zero – over trying to be a hero
31 – a little addition & adulthood has really begun
32 – duty is what there is to do
33 – the balance of circumstance and biology is reality
34 – scrape the edges, look for more
35 – still searching for the drive
36 – sick and tired of being tired and sick; the cliché sticks
37 – don’t worry much about hell or heaven
38 – a bit to soon for it to be too late
39 – and no one wants to hear me whine

but this year I’m 40.

still sad, stuck and silly.


soothsaying cake

April 10, 2014

its not cold anymore
its hard to believe that there could be
this much color in the world.

Easy Bee says: smell the flowers
then the original Little (she is almost not little anymore)
comes through the front back door and
says: but smell the aroma in the kitchen – its even better.
and it is.

i once got a fortune cookie that read:
there will be cake in your future
the kitchen fragrance proves this prophecy
once again.

it really is one of the best fortunes one can receive:
cake… and the love with which it is made.
and children who want nothing more than to see you enjoy it,
enjoy it with you –
watch it set ablaze and then blown out.
believe that they’ve got what you wished for
wrapped in a box in the other room;
it was their idea, they picked it out, made the wrapping paper
wrapped it, could not stop themselves talking about it.
what i wish is that life was really that simple.
mmmmmmmmmm cake,
in this moment it is.

redundant birthday

July 3, 2013



because this year for your birthday i got you redundancy