the frenzied failure of the cogency agency

October 14, 2014

there are the moments
i just want it all to explode
i don’t know what “all” is
my head my chest my gonads
sounds like some sort of cheer
goooOOOOO Nads!!
i take the field
and my knee blows out
then both my ankles
my spine compresses, bends
lie there barely conscious
unable to move
but none of the pain has gone
trapped in apoplectic paralysis
an indigent indignant invalid
of quotidian quadriplegia
and out of all that in·com·pre·hen·sile pretension
hypertense and grasping at meaning:
invalid is both the most accurate.


3 Responses to “the frenzied failure of the cogency agency”

  1. reswannb Says:

    Sheesh! The end there is like a vocabulary lesson ;). I thought the last line quite potent and clever (as usual).

  2. Lindsey Says:

    That is some intense word-contortionism there. Nice work.

  3. Gail Brown Says:

    I love you kid!

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