i remember my spirit resting

August 7, 2014

in another life that seems like a long time ago
i lived with my new wife in East Africa
we were staying a night upcountry
in the beautiful home of her family
an evening when the electricity
had worn out for the day

everything was green for the season of raining
and in between storms all was close and waiting
no machines were humming or running
no buzz from lighting just candles burning
entertainment was only quiet pages turning
i decided to slip away

out to the veranda in the cool of the evening
dragging the blankets i was secretly stealing
a pillow and snacks to finish my nest
prepared in a spot where i could see best
and not be observed though easily guessed
i was waiting a private play

it opened curtains of mist condensing on leaves
rivulets and drips on the branches of trees
then a gentle wet made it to the ground
as the rain picked up with a hushing sound
the sky clapped thunder and started to pound
without any more delay

i felt a small piece of the release and awe
relief of a land dependent on rainfall
i moved close to the edge to experience more
abandoned my blankets for a spot on the floor
i closed my eyes as it continued to pour
getting wet in the spray

i know that i smiled and probably wept
and then for a while i am certain i slept
as the red mud flowed down the paths and lanes
filled ravines that fed the greens on the Athi Plains
i don’t care if its cliché to talk of African rains
i remember, my spirit rested that day.


i have to admit that i hadn’t planned on rhyming this idea
but it started to on its own and i thought it was kinda cute
i probably shoulda stopped but what fun is that?


7 Responses to “i remember my spirit resting”

  1. reswannb Says:

    What a beautiful picture

  2. Lindsey Says:

    This is a surprising but satisfying read. Even the Toto reference works.

    • Shawn Says:

      thanks, it sort of surprised me too. i threw it away a half dozen times but im glad i finished it in the end. i was never sure if it was getting silly (which i didnt want) and that was a hard line to tread in this format but no ravens were hurt in the process.

  3. Cheryl Cash Says:

    So beautiful. Love this…

  4. Gail Brown Says:

    A good remembrance we can all enjoy. Love You

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