May 19, 2014

God's love is for all
It took a few weeks but Al seems to have lost his proprietary contract.
way to go Al Though, the old sign didn’t really say it was exclusively for Al.

I was sorta hoping they did it on purpose to give some guy named Al a needed pick-me-up. Cause that would be a fun church.

I wonder if when the pastor noticed it he was like: What? The “L”!

Maybe the sign had the “L” scared off of it,

or the church just ran out of “L” – That wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Probably, they just realized it wasn’t there.
Anyway, that’s what best matches up with the ethos of the sign.


3 Responses to “SORRY, AL”

  1. Rachel Says:

    “Probably they just realized it wasn’t there.” Lots of brilliance in this post, and that was my favorite line.

  2. Jennifer Butler Basile Says:

    As Paul Simon said, ‘you can call me Al.’

  3. Lindsey Says:

    L-ementary, my dear Brown.

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