uniformed unicorn

May 9, 2014

where’s that new normal
i’d been hearing so much about,
…from myself.
once upon a time…
it was and it wasn’t
it is and it isn’t
it will be what it will be
and thats not much help.

just another myth
but lets not get into all that.
i mean, if its out there
im not against finding it.
im not anti-found
but im not profound either;
nor clever (wasn’t it?)
wielding my cleaver wit
(not a razor)
more like a mallet.
i will never master Ockham’s logic.
yet i am fragile
“handle with care”
as i step out into traffic.
“you can’t sleep here, in the middle of the road”.
thank you, officer. trust me, i know it –
not sleeping is my all time favorite habit.
but i can’t trust myself
i no longer know where i might be
or if you’ll be able to find me when you need help.
maybe i should wear a declarative dressing
so everyone knows what to expect just by glancing
but i want my uniform to have giant beautiful butterfly wings
so i can flap them and change things somewhere i will never see
cause when i try to change me?
its like using a meat tenderizer to chop down a tree.


6 Responses to “uniformed unicorn”

  1. Rachel Says:

    That last line. Ugh. Powerful and, well, . . . Depressing ;).

  2. This is brilliant and poignant. Thank your for sharing your feelings and writing with us.

    • Shawn Says:

      thank you so much for your kind words, for reading and leaving a comment. it is always fun to get affirmation from the ether.

  3. Lindsey Says:

    To a man with a meat tenderizer, everything looks like meat. (?)

  4. Bart Says:

    In response to this post, I asked Elijah, “Would you rather be a unicorn or a lumberjack?”
    He responded, “Although a unicorn can fly, I would rather be a lumberjack.”
    “Why so?” I asked.
    “Because a lumberjack is actually real. If I was a unicorn, I wouldn’t be anything.”
    So I asked, “Well, how can a lumberjack get to higher places?” He responded, “for one, stop cutting down trees and learn how to climb one. Then, find something that has real wings.”

    So, maybe we have mixed some metaphors, but the conversation continues amongst friends. Great writing, as always. You once told me, “you’re ok, it’s ok.” I believed that then and still do- for me and for you.

  5. Gail Brown Says:

    I hope I’ll always be able to find you when I need you. I think your fragility is covered by your strengths.

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