the best thing

March 24, 2014

sometimes when i come home,
after greeting the kids
and hearing what ever random things
they want to yell at me all at the same time
and seeing whatever random thing
they are so excited about in that moment
that they can’t contain themselves –
but will immediately never think of again,
i turn and find my wife waiting;
and i step into the hug that she is bringing me,
my arms under, hers over
my head nestling in that softest spot
between the collarbone and the jaw
burrowing into her neck.
i don’t mean to
but my body heaves
and i sob…
it just quietly bursts
for a moment of relief.
when the depression has taken everything,
when the days anxiety has left just a shell
with a tiny single pixie dust glimmer left of me,
when despair seems that it will overtake me
and smash me down into an unsolvable rubiks cube
with the mass of a collapsed sun (a black hole of bullshit)…
that moment in her arms
is enough.


4 Responses to “the best thing”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Wow. How can a person read this without crying? I can’t. But then, she’s my sister. And you are you. And I love you both deeply.

  2. Lindsey Says:

    This is among the best things you’ve ever written.

  3. Gail Brown Says:

    I cry too, for sadness, and gratefulness that there is so much love there.

  4. Jennifer Butler Basile Says:

    Thank God for the hug of a loved one. It DOES mean so much. Glad you have that release in a soft landing.

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