inclined to extend

January 9, 2014

penance for my previous impervious post

I was torn about my tiny tome’s tone and terse tense, yet dense sense of words spent to say what I meant.

The incentive was not to be insensitive, but the intensive intent sentenced the sentences to be sometimes insensible.

Still, I was content to an extent with the extant content.

But a certain percent of what I sent is not worth a cent; hence the lack of sense in the investment of interest in nonsense that won’t gather any interest to pay for the poor syntax.

In this instance consistent with the internet’s instant insistence I sent to staunch the stench of my blog’s static statistics but I passed out before I parsed out the sentencing for my implicit complicity.

So I claim innocence! In a sense, it was the entrance of these intense scents of incense that incensed my sense of license to write a silly sentence.

Scintillating? Nah, ultimately just obnoxious.


2 Responses to “inclined to extend”

  1. Ryan Roling Says:

    I might use this this semester to teach the short “e” vowel sound. Muy interesante.

  2. Lindsey Says:

    “but I passed out before I parsed out”
    I love this sh*t.

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