decline to descend

January 7, 2014

steep and steady the slide
a slow battle to the bottom.
the fall will come, pride aside –
the fall is the problem.

i declare my dissent, as this descent is not decent.
i am inclined to decline; the last time was too recent.

so lets assume i need room for my rumination,
a vile viral downward spiral to my ruination.

ask in excess for access to the axis
that it might turn its tilt toward me.
that’s fine if i find time to put it in practice,
but the question is: will it work theoretically?

hear my dissension! i demand that my declaration,
not degrade into delusion, disabled by desultory distraction.

my steady march toward inner dystopic finality.
“worse with activity” seems to be my modality!

but i want to exorcise my futility,
exercise my demons.
work ’em out of my facility
those sour scents of self seasoning my reasons.

i don’t want to feel as good as i can,
i want to be more than i am!

or at the very least…
try to be decent during this descent if the decline won’t decrease.


3 Responses to “decline to descend”

  1. Ryan Roling Says:

    Wow. How you weave the words.

  2. Lindsey Says:

    “Dr. Seuss in Bizarro World!” – Rolling Stone
    I’m supposed to share what I’m working on with an artists’ group tomorrow. I just want to read them this instead.

  3. Gail Brown Says:

    Alliteration at it’s best but the descent should decrease…
    Love you,

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