lost year

December 30, 2013

so, what happened last year?
not sure, but i survived it,
i guess.
i don’t remember.
coming to… now
i can tell you everything that didn’t get done,
its a bit stressful,
but that’s what happens
when you’re waiting, hiding,
standing still trying to catch your breath.
the world doesn’t stop.
life pushes on relentlessly
it doesn’t actually pass you by,
it just builds up
piles up teetering and precarious
waiting for you to notice
so that it can come down crashing, crushing.
distraction and denial – that’s the thing,
the spice of life.
and there it all is again.
funny that despair can take you by surprise
even after endlessly repetitive occurrence,
even if it never left.
you look up for some reason
and notice that the strategies no longer apply,
that there are, still: no. exits.
and the old panic takes over
the same exhaustion, the same used up resources.
and i realize its not really a new year
just the end of the lost one.


3 Responses to “lost year”

  1. Ryan Roling Says:


    maybe the succeeding year will be different.


  2. Lindsey Says:

    “piles up teetering and precarious”
    “there are, still: no. exits.”
    “the end of the lost one”

    Just a few of the details I appreciated. Beautifully done!

  3. Gail Says:

    What would it look like if it was found?
    I find you enjoyable and loving.

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