confounded by joy

October 17, 2013

i saw a family together,
just a glimpse through the car window
as i slithered along in flowing traffic
past the dollar store.
they were walking out of the parking lot,
the dad pushing the stroller down the sloping drive
the mom and 5(ish) year old daughter
holding hands, swinging their arms,
the girl doing that happy half-skip step thing
kids do when they’re talking and trying to keep up,
swishing her skirt with her free hand
pink shirt bright and warm on her skin.
the woman in calmly fitted green pastel and cream,
the man small and sturdy; dressed grey and oversized
proud protector setting a friendly pace,
relaxed in an evening’s open time
everybody comfortable in flip-flops.
and the mom just beaming…
even from a moving distance
her smile was stunning.
like it was her dream – this moment;
as a little girl imagining a scene of happily ever-after
then growing up content to be in at least this one ever-happy now,
she was so beautiful living the moment of joy.

it is astounding to see genuine happiness.
i was jolted by its light
and bear witness to a joy that confronts my spirit.


2 Responses to “confounded by joy”

  1. Ryan Roling Says:

    Thanks for sharing this glimpse.

  2. Gail Brown Says:

    I have seen that same joy in you and your children when they are consumed with your presence.
    That is the joy I work to see in my toddlers everyday and that is why I keep working.

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