dash it off

October 4, 2013

and i have no idea how i’m supposed to get up
even if its just to leave
but i cant leave
there is still a lot to do

i scoff at my “poetry”
i never intended to write poetry
only songs
i have always wanted to write songs
but that takes time i don’t have
to finish

whats the point
just to say
look how pissed off i am?
look how useless i am.
look, i am tired
of myself.

push to the point
where theres no choice
no more time
just do what you can
what you have to
to get by

each section
has 7 lines
and a similar shape
so it must be poetry.
not if i can help it


2 Responses to “dash it off”

  1. hansales1088 Says:

    pure and raw, love it ~

  2. Ryan Roling Says:

    Wonderful lyrics Shawn. Can totally imagine the tune:-)

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