September 17, 2013

i wondered before you were born,
about your imaginations –
the worlds you would build
where your minds would take you…
and that is one of my favorite things
about being your Dad:
watching you fly.

i remember childhood,
and now i watch over yours fiercely.
more than you will ever know,
to protect from a distance
and not interfere in adventure;
to give you space
for your own exploration
for your own discovery
so that it can be yours.
(though when you take my hand… i am ready.)

play on and believe
so that you will remember your childhood
and hold it in your heart
to carry you later when its not as easy to fly.
i have no desire to deprive you,
even one moment…

take your time.



3 Responses to “wonder”

  1. Ryan Roling Says:

    I like your last line, “Take your time.” I am always mindful of not “wishing time away” when I get stressed and frustrated with my kids being kids. Good reminder.

  2. Gail Brown Says:

    So beautiful. I wish that your memories are good.

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