i wondered before you were born

September 16, 2013

but i didn’t know what to expect.
i thought i would sing to you more.
i thought it would be a bit easier than it is
or at least that it would get easier over time.
i had no idea that parenting in public would be so hard for me
(that might be my biggest surprise –
to my own shame and damaged pride… sorry about that.)
i didn’t know how much my mind would get in the way
how often the exhaustion of the daily.…….·····……..·····……..
how often my imagination would just feel broken,
(though you can usually pull me out of that.)
i love you and i don’t want it that way;
i won’t resign myself to my excuses
because i do not have the right…

to let my cloud obscure your sunshine.

i had no idea.
but i did wonder and i still do
because the whole process is pretty wonderful.


3 Responses to “i wondered before you were born”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I love all of these in this series. All. Of. Them. They are my favorite favorites.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Also, you need a function on your screens that allows us to click to the previous post. I often want to go back to the last few and have to go to the sidebar and look them up by month. Please simplify my life :)!

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