August 30, 2013

i wondered before you were born,
about your laughter
its musicality;
your humor(s)
its causes and affect and effect.
i could never have imagined how unique you would actually be.
i often feel like i don’t know you
that i don’t get enough time with you
to wrestle with all of your angles.
though wrestling with all of your giggles is fun
wrestling with all your moods is not
and wrestling with all my own bullshit and exhaustion
just leaves me wanting to apologize to you
and i do – though you don’t understand
you are understanding and usually very generous;
i hope you never need to understand.
i love looking at you and seeing
a strange and beautiful little person
completely a part of me and completely separate.

i also feel that my job as a parent
the one of being a piece of climbing equipment
is not ideal.


2 Responses to “empathy”

  1. Rachel Says:

    That last line, oh my! Made me laugh. And the rest, beautiful.

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