chemical mechanical maniacal

August 22, 2013

introduced induced calm
its not my own calm
this always bothers me
and what about my body
it still feels like its holding on to the tension
the irrationality of which is dissipating from my brain
but is still retained wreaking havoc on my system
and all of this just so i can stumble through the motions
then mumble when trying to give someone my information
looking like an idiot cause i can’t remember my own phone number
give the wrong address… wait, is it pike or road
couldnt feel dumber – cant make sense of the questions
im being asked a zip code
what the hell is that? sounds ridiculous
with this influence i’m under
i dont drive well which doesnt really matter
cause i cant find my keys… it appears that ive lost them
when my mind receives the calm it is overwhelmed by exhaustion.

my past tense. my present tense. my future tense.

nothing to predicate this pre(dis)position
i never agreed to be subject to this clause.

if there is such a thing as a zip code
i really need it
cause i could use some zip.


3 Responses to “chemical mechanical maniacal”

  1. Rachel Says:

    :( love you

  2. Lindsey Says:

    Bad at things which are easy for most people (stabilizing yr own internal chemistry to bearable levels), good at things which are hard for most people (functioning in circumstances which would render anyone else useless).

    Isn’t this the definition of a superhero?

    you’re my hero.

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