green ribbon

July 29, 2013

(there’s nothing like parenting for feeling like a complete failure)

maybe i could get a green ribbon for parenting participation
and my children can receive a prize of consolation
 and in 20 years we can all go together
 to fill our medication
 to get a psych evaluation
 a family intervention
 a little suicide prevention
 the existential irritation
 of mental health consultation
and after the apocalypse and alien invasion
subsequent enslavement of the world’s entire population
the human rebellion, aftermath and… liberation!
when we’re all in control of our own situation
we’ll clean up our fingernails, wipe off the perspiration
call a family meeting – have a sit down conversation
lay out and listen; offer grace to limitation
soothe escalation without further need of exploration
painful excavation or redundant explanation
forgive faux pas and imperfection; let go of indignation
and take each other’s stories into consideration.
i will always love you all without any hesitation
and then write you all a poem of vapid exclamation


3 Responses to “green ribbon”

  1. Ryan Roling Says:

    A grand entry. Loved it!

  2. Lindsey Says:

    I like how the apocalypse is just sort of an incidental bump along the road in the narrative arc of this post. What you’re doing is bigger. Much bigger. And it sure doesn’t look like failure to me.

    • Shawn Says:

      It makes me happy that you commented on this.
      Its also supposed to highlight the ridiculousness of the line right after.
      (thank you for believing in us).

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