its so easy to drop something

July 15, 2013

ipod, cell phone, 4 foot flourescent lightbulb
full glass of beverage
(the darker the consumable the lighter the carpet)
container full of tiny mechanical screws
…so many parts and pieces all carefully marshaled
lego creation
ice cream cone after just one lick
…… much your child is looking forward to it…
…… directly proportional to how likely they are to drop it.
45 feet off the ground – the one screw that will hold the fixture in place
working out, eating right, add resolution here:_______…
the ball
favorite hat on roller coaster
camera off bridge over rushing rapids
full bag of bulky garbage heavy and sagging with liquid
(which is just an unpleasant thing to have anyway – ever)
borrowed/entrusted item (sorry sorry sorry – i didnt mean to)
a few bucks
melody, harmony, tune, time, practice
a hint
the one more box (so you wouldn’t have to make another trip)


if you have a sleeping child
heavy and sweaty from the car seat
in one arm (handle with care.)
and the diaper bag
overflowing with the days detritus
tangled up in the other
and you are standing at your locked door in the rain
inevitably your keys are on the ground.

its so easy to drop something,
as long as its something you want.


7 Responses to “its so easy to drop something”

  1. Jennifer Butler Basile Says:

    Lovely. Such evocative examples. And it does always seem harder to drop something we DON’T want, right?

  2. Lindsey Says:

    – your glasses over the side of the boat while leaning over to look for fish (he was 7, his mom was livid and blamed the crew)
    – your guard (okay not always easy)
    – your regular commenting habit (my bad)

    Mostly I wanted to thank you for never dropping our friendship.

    • Shawn Says:

      you’re good, we’re good, my guard? well, i was gonna lock him in my cell and make a run for it, unfortunately i dropped the keys…

  3. Ryan Roling Says:


    I dropped the ball on this one and didn’t read it. I’ve been busy this summer. No comments. No connections.

  4. Gail Brown Says:

    I’m getting anxious! Don’t want to drop…

    You communicated this well ! Love you so much.

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