cell walls

June 25, 2013

the porch step was dangerously loose –
he was right about that.
but that step isn’t the problem,
it is the one below it
where, if you stepped in the right wrong place
you would fall straight through.
rot and neglect
– for years –
the step only retained the appearance of wood
an appearance of strength in which you could place your trust.
after further examination the same proved true
of many other places on the steps and the railing as well.
an entire staircase held together by paint
and the wasp nests i had been called out to destroy.

a paper facade
wood like air
rigidity without strength
dry and lifeless
crumbles in the hand
the spaces between – dying so long ago…
whatever flexibility that once was is gone
there is nothing left to pull the water –
no new creative energy; to build strength, to allow elasticity
nothing but empty cells
rot and neglect.
the walls still stand
teetering; awaiting the terminal blow
that will finally bring the whole crashing down.

and yet useful…

the carpenter bees have bored the boards.
but I don’t think so,
I think its rather interesting –
to hear them nesting
scratching deep within the wood.
the females’ bodies vibrating
kicking out bits of yellow waste
pulp and pollen
from the perfect circle entry.
the clumsy curious males
big buzzing bombers with no sting to drop
bouncing, grappling in aerial combat
harmless interrogators of every passerby.
as in their tunnels the females construct
chambers with membranous walls,
cells where a new bee can flourish
gaining its habit of black and yellow
in the silence needed to grow wings.


4 Responses to “cell walls”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    The contrast between destruction and the creation (construction?) that caused it is sooo vivid. But you saved the best line for last!

  2. Why come you no have a like button on your blog posts? You can click like on my posts but not I on yours. I don’t always words have to say I want specific, but I can still like your post. That shouldn’t remain a secret.

    • Shawn Says:

      Just type “like”?

      I had too many fake folks and self-promoters not reading; just casting likes looking for nibbles and views
      so I disabled the button.
      But I’m with you as far as wanting to respond without having to think of anything clever to say…
      just a: “Hey I took the time to read this and I really enjoyed it. It changed my life and permanently readjusted my thinking, you’re the most awesome thing ever, and the best writer this side of Dostoevsky or even Saint John the Evangelist!” So, I feel you, cause thats what it means when I hit the Like button on your blog too.

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