June 13, 2013

the full moon peaks between clouds at the colored horizon.
the dissonant chord resolves.
a stranger crosses a cultural gap with kindness.
a wild thing moves in the corner of my eyes.
for a moment the mind is quiet (then i notice).

my daughter’s eyes sparkle as she gets a joke.
she hits the pose, toes pointed, before losing her balance.
a snowflake lands on her coat;
a perfect crystal balanced on the black of her sleeve…
and melts in the wonder of her exhaled gasp.

i walk through the door and love fills my arms from every direction.
the first sip is so delicious.
you catch me staring at you and smile.
rocking the baby, he smiles in his sleep.
our voices blend in harmony and echo in the stairwell.

beauty comes in a moment… then is gone
overcoming the self and the sense of what is common or cliché
lingering forever in faulted memory
i live for that glimpse again.


11 Responses to “glimpse”

  1. Very touching, perhaps I will blog about my PTSD one day but I just don’t know how to start. Thanks for sharing!

    • Shawn Says:

      not to be trite, but looking at your site – it seems you already have. thank you for coming to read and commenting and sharing your creativity.

  2. Lindsey Says:

    One glimp plus one glimp equals…
    This post is like an album of really good photos.

  3. bussokuseki Says:

    Wonderful capture of the endless cycle…beauty comes in a moment and then is gone. Especially in fatherhood… Be well~

  4. Rachel Says:

    Another beauty. I love how you can capture moments in words in such a way that the moment offers something new to us. I loved the snowflake part.

  5. Ryan Roling Says:


    You captured the moment and now it exists indefinitely. Excellent.

  6. Carl Says:

    This is a wonderful portrait. I wonder if we are required to open ourselves to these things to get them more often.

    • Shawn Says:

      I don’t think I would know how. For me they are things that startle me by forcing their way in even when I’m all closed up – a type of grace, but I’m sure I would see a lot more of them if I was open and paying better attention plus the affect would last longer. So I’m sure you’re right. Thanks for reading and the exchange.

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