the Easy Bee storytime mash-up (swiper is dead)

May 14, 2013

EZB re-mixes some of her favorites (and copes with loss):

i told EZB that it had to be a short story tonight
so she says…

The Pigeon finds a mermaid
it is a blue mermaid
he is about to throw her back in the water
but Swiper comes and tries to steal The Pigeon
…(short pause)…
The Pigeon kills Swiper
and throws the mermaid back
Swiper is dead
the end.


i was a little surprised that my daughter killed off a character
swiper is dead(i pictured his floating fox head
with cartoon X’s over his eyes
and his tongue lolling out)
but she has been contemplating the concept of resurrection lately
and so seems more comfortable with the idea of death
(or at least the comfort of it being safely ephemeral)
than some 3 year olds (and most adults) might be.
the other day she said
Daddy I love you so much I want us to die together.
wow… not sure what to do with that
i guess its a compliment (it felt somehow happy at the time)
but i have no idea what i think about resurrection,
one thing i do know:

swiper is dead

that would be a great t-shirt (or something, maybe).


3 Responses to “the Easy Bee storytime mash-up (swiper is dead)”

  1. Ryan Roling Says:

    Any chance she could roll Barney and Hard Hat Harry into her next story. I’d pay money for a “Hard Hat Harry is Dead” t-shirt. Have you ever had to endure a HHH show? It’s brutal.

  2. rachel Says:

    Ryan, I find the name “hard hat harry” brutal and I have *never* seen the show. (Shawn, please start a line of t-shirts!) Ha! Shawn, Corban has said similar things to me about dying together. Only he was more graphic. Like, “maybe I should take a gun and shoot us so we can die and go to heaven.” I also think he was trying to be thoughtful (if heaven is so great, let’s just get there already, I’ll help out!) I kind of thought about how he would be flagged and screened if he has said that in a school setting. But luckily we are just Waldorf schooling in our little fairy castle in the clouds upstairs so I just pretended he was talking about a figurative gun and that what he was actually imagining shooting me with fairy dust and magically transporting us to an ethereal setting in which there is no pain. Or guns. Or violence for that matter. But whatever.

  3. Lindsey Says:

    …long live Swiper.

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