truth in advertising: bragging wrongs

May 2, 2013

“we’ve got a great fridge!”

guinness world book is unaware of any application submitted to verify existing claims

the worlds coldest vodka?
i am fairly certain that the temperature of vodkas
(of equal proof and purity) can be equally lowered.
this does not speak to anything exceptional inherent to their beverage
it speaks to them having a superior refrigeration system,
they really oughta give the credit where its due.


5 Responses to “truth in advertising: bragging wrongs”

  1. Ryan Roling Says:


    I don’t mean to piss on your vodka parade, but the freezing point of an alcoholic mixture depends on how much of each different type of alcoholic component is in it.

    So if this vodka has the highest proof and is the purest form of any other vodka, it could actually be “the world’s coldest vodka”.

    For instance, something with only 1% ethanol (the kind of alcohol we drink) will freeze just a little below 0 °C, whereas something with 95% ethanol will freeze pretty close to -114 °C.

    How you like them apples? Or should I say, “How you like them fermented potatoes?”

    • Shawn Says:

      my parade! my beautiful vodka parade… its ruined!!

      i saw that when i checked to see if there could be any truth to the claim but had decided to sacrifice that information for the sake of the bad joke.
      but since you pointed it out…
      credit, where it is due:
      i have now edited the text to account for that actuality and in the hopes of passing your high pissing standards.

      (its because the spirit is spiritually made in Norway near some glaciers that they want to call it coldest)
      from the company:
      “Vikingfjord vodka is produced from deep glacial waters and the pure spirit of Norway. It’s distilled five times for a vodka that is cool, fresh, and extraordinarily smooth.
      In fact, you could say it’s the World’s Coldest Vodka.”

      yes, in fact, you could SAY that…
      but that doesnt mean its true.

      put that in your book.

      (thanks Ryan – that was fun)

    • Lindsey Says:

      If you heat it in a saucepan, is it still the world’s coldest vodka?

  2. Ryan Roling Says:

    Oohh. I like this exchange. In fact – I claim it as mine. “This is my post.”
    (Now put that in YOUR book, you SOB.)

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