Albāli‘ = البالع

April 24, 2013

my son
his whole body smiles
as though he has swallowed a star
and radiance must pour out of him
all it takes is eye contact to release it
or the sound of a voice, or a song
or even tonal value – the contrast of shadow and light

i am a disc of debris in his gravitational field
and he lights up my world.


as i sing to him
holding him close in an easy moment
sharing delight and getting to know each other
i find myself wanting a new song
a song with a promise
that i will try to return these smiles

I promise that I will always try to smile for you.


6 Responses to “Albāli‘ = البالع”

  1. Ryan Roling Says:

    My guess is you won’t have to try. More likely: You won’t be able to help it. Kind of like when you think of me:-)

  2. Rachel Says:

    So sweet. So glad I got to be around those smiles as long as I did–thank you for sharing your family. And your knowledge of stars and which ones are particularly swallow-able is pretty impressive. What, did you hear that on a podcast or something? (And we Albali would be a really cool name, for something. I loved that!)

  3. Lindsey Says:

    I am such a fan of that smiley guy! (Not to be confused with Guy Smiley.)

  4. Gail Brown Says:

    I’m so glad we got to spend our time with all of you and share in the glow of all your excitement and love for one another. Even with little sleep, the love you have for your kids is contagious. Your little boy with his sweet smile is so beautiful and lovable I could just spend all day watching him but of course I would miss out on all the life in your sweet girls. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together in Carbondale and your home this summer where we could renew our relationship.

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