hope, you’re ok…

April 21, 2013

I am NOT OK, but I will push on.
But when I pushed on, nothing came on;
the power was out.
I turned on the tap to wash up
but there was only a sucking sound,
yes, everything sucks.
Hope you will be ok…
Well, hope is ok, its enough I guess
its whats left
when you have lost all power and everything sucks.
but hope also seems fragile and frightening.
so I approach it with humility, with trepidation
like it is a rare wild animal pacing;
protecting the tiny corner that is left
of its once vast territory
barely enough room and resources to survive
and so all the more fierce for holding on.
hold on
push on again and hope.


7 Responses to “hope, you’re ok…”

  1. rachel Says:

    wow. i really, really loved this one. Maybe because i think I (mostly) understand it? I thought the imagery of the pacing animal was especially clever.

  2. Ryan Roling Says:

    You know how to catch a pacing animal – rare or common? You POUNCE on it when you THINK you have a CHANCE. Doesn’t mean you will get it. You might end up eating dirt. Those sons-a-guns are quick.

    But you may..

    This post didn’t strike me as touching or clever. Though you do.

    To me, it was raw. And that’s how I like my favorite foods and my favorite dude. That’s you!

    To HOPE!

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