voted most likely to fail

April 14, 2013

today i will…

get up and get going
make a cup of tea that is just right
set reasonable expectations for myself
not feel shaky and nauseous
be well rested
not ache in my body, head and spirit
not complain.
take time to breathe and enjoy
not waste time
not cuss if i do waste a bit (or cuss in general)
get some excersize
make myself something to eat (healthy even)
spell exorcise correctly
not need xanax
write a thing that makes people feel happy
feel good about myself
not think fuck you for even thinking the phrase: feel good about myself
write something that i like
be successful by any measure (even a tiny one)
look forward to tomorrow
calm down and get over myself


4 Responses to “voted most likely to fail”

  1. Ryan Roling Says:

    What about thinking, “Up yours”?

  2. Lindsey Says:

    Dysthymy’all get it right.
    (Any day you can cross three things off a to-do list is a good day.)

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