time for EZB

March 24, 2013

finally, they’re asleep… (man collapses next to wife on couch)
daddy? (whispered from the middle of the stairs)
EZB get back in bed! (hissed back)
but the clock… (loud enough to wake up her brother)
what clock? (coming around and up the stairs while picking her up)
the baby clock and… (tucking her back into bed) …i need socks…
(untucking her and putting on the socks) …the dinosaur clock.
oh? (tucking her in and situating the covers under her chin, just right,
so that no part of the rough blanket is touching her skin at all)
the baby clock… (her hands pop out from under the covers
held as if in prayer; palms together fingers straight up)
says, tic tok tchk tck, (in a soft high pitched whisper
while moving her fingers back and forth like a metronome)
and the daddy clock… (sitting up suddenly) the big clock,
the dinosaur clock says, TIC TOC TICK TOCK!! 
(in her best attempt at a deep booming voice while moving her whole arms and upper body back and forth in an abrupt sweeping motion)
sshhhhh! (in a panic with hands on head, glancing at sister)
-EZB takes a deep breath in order to launch into another epic tale-
you know what time both clocks say it is? (jumping in quickly)
what? (head tilted, eyes wide)
…bedtime (retucking… again) …oohhh
goodnight baby clock. (kiss on forhead)
goodnight daddy clock. (sighing and snuggling in for sleep)
tic toc tchk tic tchk tck tchk……………..


3 Responses to “time for EZB”

  1. Bart Says:

    Do you even have a dinosaur clock?

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