in tribute

March 14, 2013

it was the loveliest house
the floor at the entryways coloured a faint red
from the soil on the souls of the feet of children
who never put on shoes to take off at the door

it was said that for a while there was a leopard
living in the trees down a ways in the gully
but inside was applebutter and strawberry jam
and soft warm bread to spread it on and on and on

in the shade of the porch
fire finches came and snatched seeds from the feeder
while other birds-of-paradise stood on the edge of the lawn
guarding a haven of chai and warmth and welcome

a basketball bounces, a chorus is sung
kids shout from higher on the hill
a big dog coughs out a bark
a kind, crazy man crashes through shouting near obscenities
a boy ricochits a bee-bee off a tin can into adventure
a sunbeam jumps into the bed to share the morning
a girl blossoms in her “moon tree” with the other flowers
dressed in their white ball gowns
dancing in the evening; welcoming her dreams
a song is written, love is made
the pantry is full, the table is laid
a meal is prepared and served
plates passed with conversation
guests: friends and strangers, come and stay and go
wisdom and laughter are shared – easily, evenly

it is unbelievable in memory
but i think it was in reality too (though not unblemished)
a paradise of the senses
comfortable, open
with all its bright and shadows
a house of deepest enjoyment

she made it that way.
and then welcomed me into it unconditionally, absolutely

thank you, we miss you, happy birthday


7 Responses to “in tribute”

  1. Cheryl Cash Says:

    Beautiful, Shawn. Thinking of all of you today, with love.

  2. Jimmy D Rep Says:

    Thank you, Shawn. What a lovely poetic and befitting memorial of the love of my life. I miss her beyond expression.

  3. davesessions Says:

    Beautiful. Your best yet.

  4. V. Kathleen Hameister Says:

    Your words painted beautiful pictures in my mind, Thank You!

  5. Lindsey Says:

    Now I want to go there!

  6. Gail Brown Says:

    Now I can imagine how special it was. Thank you for painting the picture. Love Mom

  7. Rachel Says:

    So I went back and checked the email I wrote to the whole family after this, and alas, I didn’t mention your poem as I thought I had. I wouldn’t want it to go unacknowledged, so sorry about that. This was definitely one of my favorites. So well spoken and brings home so many memories. I love knowing the sunbeam line is for me, and of course I can easily identify my siblings knowing that. Glad we got to be together lately. Love to you!

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