merman or manmaid

March 12, 2013

hot new indie band?
the most difficult existential question
i have been asked in some time,

parenting can be so hard.


5 Responses to “merman or manmaid”

  1. Bart Says:

    Elijah asked a clever question yesterday. As he was sitting on a swing in our back yard, not swinging but just looking around, he confessed his love for nature. I asked him, “why do you love nature so much?” He replied, “Because it is the most beautiful thing there is. But nature only shows you what is outside, but not what is on the inside of it. Like this pine cone; I don’t know what is in it. Daddy, how do you find out what is inside of nature’s things?”
    How would you answer that question for Elijah? You say first and then I will tell you how I answered him.

    • Shawn Says:

      I think I’d start with a hug. Then, because of the nature that is in your boy, let him tell me.

      But I’d like for you to tell me too.

      • Bart Says:

        I told him that the inside of things always shape the outside of things, so the best way to learn about what is within something is to be still and carefully observe the outside. In doing so, you can learn much about their inner nature.

        He is a good student…he promptly picked a weed in bloom from the yard and observed that each leaf and flower on the outside of the intertwined plant were connected to the main stem by their own stem, joined on the inside. He is amazing…

        But hugging can achieve similar revelation as well…good call.

      • Shawn Says:

        He really has some excellent teachers.

  2. Lindsey Says:

    The plastic fish-tailed dolls your daughters play with in the tub are manmaid, right? Actually, I suspect all mermaids are manmaid! But I can’t claim to know for certain. Maybe God made some and is keeping it a really big/funny secret.

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