I love my Dad.

February 28, 2013

your former fellow guildsman of letters came and went
leaving nothing marked with our return address
but  you have not been over-looked nor your day unheralded…EZB for grandpa's bday 2013

there was a huge story that went along with the drawing of this picture
there were “babies holding up airplanes in front of their faces” and other things beyond my comprehension, but as the story finished something very exciting happened represented by an orange marker that scribbled over and filled in all the people and previous drawings and ended with her proclaiming “I love Grandpa”.

every year (usually twice a year)
i roam the greeting card aisles
searching for any card i could send my Dad.
i look through them all…
those tri-fold with flowing script
eulogizing with sweeping generalizations
the attributes and activities of a good father (yawn)
or the simple card with a message so generic
that what it actually says is:
“i didnt feel like thinking about this just now”.
i have found random, quirky ones that i thought were funny
but apparently i sent my Dad the same one twice
so i sorta shy away from those now
cause i’d probably pick that same one again.
then there is the man card genre; from one man to another:
beer, babes, party!! – bawdy, boring and scatological.
or ones giving advice on how to best enjoy
the relaxation you deserve that is surely coming your way
…because you are old …and its your birthday.
one year when we were kids my brother and i bought him one in spanish
cause we don’t speak spanish – so… thats funny, right?
i see pictures of tools, fishing rods, barbecue grills, etc.
a great assemblage, a multitude, the cards are legion
cards for every occasion, every humor, every type, every man.
but my Dad is not everyman, he’s my Dad.
and those cards aren’t him
and they don’t express how i feel.
what i want them to say, is the same every year…
small, but very big:

thanks Dad… for everything,
but especially for being my friend.

hannah for granpa's bday 2013

happy birthday Dad.
I love you.
– your son (and granddaughters)


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