heart murmurs

February 14, 2013

my dearest Unfair Advantage,

You are like a bird flying through my atriums…

filling my heart with song.

be my valentine.

— oh, my valves are all aflutter —


(you have my heart… and i feel so pumped!)

4 Responses to “heart murmurs”

  1. Jimmy D Rep Says:

    Thanks for the most graphic Valentine I have ever seen.

  2. Lindsey Says:

    Hearts are funny things!

  3. thomas reppart Says:

    I agree w/Jimmy D Rep about the graphics–it rivals & outdoes the traditional “Sacred Heart of Jesus” depictions. I found it helpful, because I’ve been having some “heart” problems the last few weeks (the one in my physical chest–not to be confused w/ life-long other heart concerns)…and your graphic graphic helped me understand what Doctor Hotovy has been trying to explain to me about fibrillations, pulses, blood pressure, blood clots & pace-makers–gag!! So for me, on several levels, you really got to the “heart of the matter!” Thanks~Thomas (& Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours–let’s all keep pumping the blood of Jesus!)

  4. Gail Brown Says:

    My heart is bigger when you are all here. Mom

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