ode to the instant

February 10, 2013

waiting for you to do something
the whole world is out there
constantly instantly connected
and yet
none of them tell you to do anything for me
i dont mind
i tell myself
i will walk away and not even think about it
i can stop anytime i want
in 3 minutes (and then some cool down time)
i can have dinner
and just like you
it will leave me still hungry
give me a hit: like me, feed me
an addict for the instant
internet approval


4 Responses to “ode to the instant”

  1. thomas reppart Says:

    …an addict to the “instant”–as in instant coffee? instant oatmeal? instant mashed potatoes? …or… an addict to the instant…as…a very small space of time=the “moment”? the absolutely urgent (the prime mover of procrastinators)?

    I delight in your ambiguity.

    Thanks for food for thought …which I will process tonight, as the wind blows snow, in perked time, old-fashioned 20-minute cooking time, or, go-buy-some-potatoes (none to dig right now), feel their form and “eye” their wet reflections as they damply “eye” me back, boil them, and mash them mightily, or gently, with whatever force I can muster out of task-necessity, or emotional transference of something that has little to do with either you or potatoes…nothing absolutely urgent, and something which will fill more than a very small space of time.

    Bless you for the slow-down.


  2. Gail Brown Says:

    For instants,every minute, every second fill them all and go crazy. Down time is good too. Love you, mom

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