now what

February 6, 2013

tomorrow is a new day.
maybe nothing stressful will happen tomorrow
it will just be a day
a new one
and i will like it.

did you place all your eggs in that one basket?
no, i kept one out
a single drab old egg that i really didnt want anymore
but that i have become accustomed to
even attached to a little bit
it won’t shine up anymore
but i have kept it and cared for it
for a long time,
i would give it to you. (but thats ok, if you don’t want it)

i went into the bush
there were two birds in there
they were lovely and i wanted a closer look
they were so happy; singing softly…
i let the one go that i had in my hand
and they greeted her warmly
i got all scraped up but it was ok.
when i got out
i went and got my egg
i brought it back and crawled into the bush
cradling it
and set it gently in a safe place deep inside
on a soft patch of leaves
where the late afternoon sun found its way
through the tangle of branches
and shone beautiful shifting patterns
on its care worn surface.
maybe it will hatch there
and the three other birds will adopt it
they will all sing together
sweetly, a song that if we could catch the words
would be saying:
tomorrow is a new day
just a day
make of it what you will.


3 Responses to “now what”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    You’re a good egg, man.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    In my mind I see a map, similar to the maps of the earth that demonstrate the electric light visible from space in the darkness of night:


    The lights on my envisioned map are the places where you are loved and deeply held in the hearts of people whom you have blessed.

    You could more realistically fill out that map than I, but you can rest assured that Paducah has shown brighter than ever!

    If God is faithful (and I have a lingering suspicion He is) then He is faithful through the faithfulness of those we love. This is never more apparent to me than in seasons of disappointment.
    This remembrance has been, for me, a consolation prize when I have felt like I have lost something crucial. This “consolation” indeed does console me and most recently has proven more valuable than what I have lost.

    Long story short: Come to Paducah- we have beer and steak.


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