6 arrives (and dad gets sentimental)

February 4, 2013

finished with 5.
and all of a sudden your teeth are loose
and you’re starting to read
and it has all happened rather fast,
people always say it goes quick
but then when it does
the speed seems ridiculous.

sometimes you still want me to pick you up
and cradle you and rock you to sleep
like i did when you were a baby
(though you don’t find it at all comfortable – lasts about 2 seconds)
sometimes you sit with me and we talk
about nothing too serious
like old, comfortable friends
(and i smile so big inside)
sometimes your emotions wash over you
in a way that is too big for you to understand
and we don’t always understand either
(and our hearts cry with you)
sometimes you decide to do something,
you articulate your intentions and then… you do it.
as though it were a simple, easy thing
to be kind to your sister and helpful all day
or whatever it is you have determined to do
(and i think, well, why can’t she do that everyday
and i take the accomplishment for granted
and thats not very fair – many adults can’t even do that)

sometimes i miss who you were
while enjoying who you are
and looking forward to who you will be
seeing flashes of all these things as you whirl about
>but, silly daddy {you are turning 6 (not 16, not 26)}
i have no idea who you will be.
and who you were? what does that even mean at 6?
i just mean when you were an itty bitty thing
when it was just you, your mom and me
and i thought of you two as “The Little and The Lady”.

sometimes i get really sentimental:
this delicate balance of a little girl

delicate and untamed
you gain the balance
of the dancer you want to be,
you will never have a problem with too little
passion or strength or will or imagination
no, you will not have the problem of too little.
your unruly spirit, your emotional intelligence…
you are strong and delicate
(though others may not see it that way).
you will slowly gain poise
and then learn that you are not unbreakable
i hope you will also know that you don’t need to be.

and when balance fails and you fall (even break)
i hope that i will always be
one of those you allow to help pick up the pieces
and that you will also allow others to help you, to see you,
the beautiful puzzle you are becoming
that you will trust where you are vulnerable
that you will lean to others when you feel like falling
and so you will not fall out of pride
because you know that you are not alone.

i trust you my daughter.
thats good as you have my whole heart
(whether i wanted to give it or not).
i hope that holding each others hearts,
delicate and untamed…
we will both be stronger.
I Love You,
your goofy, overdramatic dad


5 Responses to “6 arrives (and dad gets sentimental)”

  1. Jimmy D Rep Says:

    This is almost as beautiful as Hanah.

  2. Ryan Roling Says:

    My favorite line: “I trust you my daughter.”

    I find that I trust my children so deeply and w/ so much, in ways that I would never trust other children, and could never trust most adults.

    Funny things, those children, funny things.

  3. Kristin (Mathews) Robinson Says:

    Kristin Mathews –

    Put perfectly!

  4. Lindsey Says:

    Loose teeth? Already? GOODNESS.

  5. Gail Brown Says:

    So beautiful, your Hannah, so much life, emotion, and spirit. They do grow up too quick( How cliche but true).

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