home from work…

February 2, 2013

but everyone was asleep
there were no hugs to be had
and i dare not give any kisses
that would cause the sleeping beauties to awake
for one:
sleep is like a pirate treasure
buried deep in the covers
and you best not borrow nor steal
nor even disturb this hoarded golden slumber
for it is a rare and precious thing indeed
when so many little feet come so often to dig at the x
i also have the map but the pirate tends to get frustrated
(and theres nothing fun about a grouchy pirate).
for one:
the kiss would only create the illusion of wakefulness
and the resulting zombie might give you a sweet hug
but she is also likely to blow her runny nose on your shoulder
scratch her bum and roll back over
with a snort and a smacking of lips
wriggling back under the covers
and remember nothing of this on the morrow.
for one:
it may be as though you had awakened a hive of bees
are you prepared for the danger?
their sting is chaos that may not sleep again
and they would be up and out and seeking honey
(literally, you would have to provide
some sort of food with honey on it.)

beauty needs it sleep.

(and they are beautiful)


2 Responses to “home from work…”

  1. Ryan Roling Says:

    Arrr, arrr, arrr – me likes this post.

  2. Lindsey Says:

    Can we set this to a rollicking sea shanty tune?
    “…Ye’ll soon learn the meaning of bees in yer bonnet,
    Unless ye have toast ready with honey on it!
    Way-hey, oh oh,
    Ye’ll let them sleeping go,
    Or else ye’ll wish
    Ye were sleeping with fish
    And Davey Jones below!”

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