laugh in the mourning

January 18, 2013

hey Mom
been thinking about you, missing you.
today i heard Dad saying something…
down the hall…
something crazy; to himself,
as is his wont
and then i heard you laugh.
as you would, as you did
that special laugh of genuine joy
i think was reserved just for Dad
and when the family is together.
it was your laugh and i am glad i heard it
though it could break my heart;
because it is a wonderful laugh
and i hadnt remembered that,
i had not forgotten it
but i hadnt thought to remember it either
now i have and i always will.


2 Responses to “laugh in the mourning”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    So perfect, this. Every word is necessary and the whole is like the best woodcarving, honed, gleaming. Thank you.

  2. Ryan Roling Says:


    I just so happened I had been listening to the Avett Brothers song, “Through My Prayers” tonight (about 8 times). It’s really good to remember. I’m glad you remembered.



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