degree of BS with minor overstatement

January 17, 2013

sorry… i’m o.k. (really?)
but nervous now
to tell the truth,
just too tired
and afraid of making others too tired as well,
writing here…
the flow is sometimes easy (or not)
often a torrent
poked hole in an emotional sieve (on my sleeve)
to let more through
oh the glory of water allegory
with that and sports metaphors – man,
you can explain anything
like the chicken wire and duck tape of analogies
smile for the simile
a similitude with attitude
whoops – just wasted your time for a minute…
lets continue to do so –
so what?
so… i’m scared
that how sick i make myself
might be contagious.
just have to get depressed enough not to care anymore
depression is a sort of sociopathy
or at least simultaneously more and less than apathy
relativity of simultaneity
let me frame my reference… build my box
ohhhh, be careful of overstatement
well, i’ve never suffered from reticence;
one man’s bullshit is another man’s fertilizer
this weak… its not bleak, two halve
no expectations.
didnt expect the fertilizer line to be original to me
and it wasn’t
its already been spread all over –
the internet is so ripe and fertile 
pregnant with blossoming googles

and i am furtive
guilty with lack of pleasure
take the box fill it with bullshit and plant something in it
its beautiful (but still in the box)
like kitty litter
cover up < that isn't pleasant to anybody
a recipe for no reciprocity
still, we'll make more
half all you want
you will never end up with nothing
quotidian quips ÷ quote the quotient
divisive dismissive divergent disgusting division
and i happen everyday
to wake up as me
its not even disappointing anymore
not until later
when the lack of novelty · where’s off?
cause if i could find it i’d shut me down.


4 Responses to “degree of BS with minor overstatement”

  1. thomas reppart Says:

    “well”-stated, “well”-expressed. You have a gift for probing, laying bare, and vividly imaging that is remarkable. The way you realize-in-words your dis-comfort, even pain, lessens mine. Your cogently-described gloom has brightened my day. And “fertilized” my own frozen, barren soil. Thanks~Thomas

  2. Ryan Roling Says:


    That little ditty was as close a rival to “They Want EFX” as I “evva hoid.”

    Thinking of what you just did w/ the English language compels me to celebrate w/ “A babaloo, ooh, a babaloo boogedy boo
    I went from gucci to stussy, to fliggedy-flam a groupie
    To zsa zsa, to yibbedy-yabba dabba hoochie koochie!”

    Very well dun dun dun dun dun, dun dun…


  3. thomas reppart Says:

    …and, for once, I managed to get my reply posted before Ryan Roling ! ~Thomas

  4. Lindsey Says:

    This is so messy and raw and I love that your range of writing styles includes this one. It feels dangerous and ridiculous and true. “Pregnant with blossoming googles” is a hilariously and aptly surreal phrase.

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