knot of naught

January 4, 2013

when you have nothing to say
it is in fact O.K.
to say nothing.

funny then to write this (damn hypocrite)


9 Responses to “knot of naught”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    Some of my Quaker friends (Friends friends) playfully bid each other farewell by saying, “Be quiet.”

  2. Shawn Says:


    (by Ryan)

  3. thomas reppart Says:

    …No, you did not say more than you meant to, otherwise you would not have posted.

    But saying nothing (or next to nothing), is also saying something–for which Sir Thomas More lost his head, literally.

    . . . A young playwright once asked Carl Sandburg to watch a rehearsal of a new play and give his opinion. In the warm theater, Sandburg fell asleep. Upon being discovered, he was upbraided by the young playwright who complained: “You knew I wanted your opinion–how could you fall asleep!” To which Sandburg replied, “Young man, sleep is an opinion.”


  4. Gail Brown Says:

    Busyness is time consuming but not always thought provoking.
    Playing, laughing, singing, cooking, cleaning; who has time to comment. Loved seeing you all and sharing in the madness, Mom

    • Shawn Says:

      Love you too mom,
      Thank you so much for allowing us to dominate and dismantle your space. (and for the million everythings you always do).

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