manifesto of the Easy Bee

November 13, 2012

my daughters love their little brother.
they would love him to death if we weren’t watching
they just can’t keep their hands off him,
if you look away for even a moment
they will instantly beset him with affection.
EZB  is the worse offender;
she has not loved him properly
until her entire body is wrapped around his face
in a vice grip hug
and you are diving to save him shouting: STOP!!
Sweetheart, it doesn’t matter if his head is round or if it bounces,
it is NOT a ball!

her experiments in visceral love
are without malice or method, hesitation or hypothesis
but certainly have a concrete conclusion: parental exasperation
for example:
i know that she is imitating the way adults talk to him
(or babies in general)
when she is hovering two inches over his face proclaiming
“hey buuuuddy”
but she sounds just like miss piggy.
i have stopped using the word buddy completely.

he is not the only one she endangers…
she climbs out of reach to the topmost twigs
hangs upside down
shoots down the stairs like a torpedo
and leaps from great heights without concern

she also thinks its funny
to put a cardboard box or paper sack
on her head, over the upper half of her body
pinning her arms to her sides
and then running through the house with blind abandon
full speed and shouting: oh, where am i?
as she crashes trips smashes laughs,
(it really is funny.)

of course every child has their accidental aphorisms
a few of her recent precepts include…
standing up suddenly from some secret imagining to declare:
fun is good!
or on an evening walk
stopping to pick up a stick, brandishing it like a sword
and announcing: the stick of love!
(earlier in the day the older one said as we were driving:
It’s such a nice day today.
If I were going to wear a pink gorilla suit?
I’d wear one with short sleeves.)
and a final thought from EZB:
“boys have a penis and tentacles.”
an axiom that needs no further comment.

tonight she told me:
I am not a honey bee anymore,
I am a baby bird in her nest pretending to be a honey bee.

as she settled in for sleep she sighed:
I am so tired that my heart can’t beat anymore.

then she told this story:
Once upon
there was a boy walking…
on a river.
and a whale was came up from below
and the boy saw it and said no
and the whale said I will eat your mom
the boy said no, I don’t want you to eat my mom
the whale said then I will eat you
and the boy said:
no, I want Grandpa to be a mouse
the end.

she lies back down
her covers are fixed properly for the 300th time
there is a pause and a whisper: daddy I’m falling in love to you
touching my face she quietly adds her categorical imperative
her unwritten manifesto:
I’m falling in love to everyone.


6 Responses to “manifesto of the Easy Bee”

  1. Kristen Says:

    Oh, how this makes me miss her.. and you. Well, all of you. “I’m falling in love to everyone”- How beautiful. I wish I had that same spirit.

    EZB has such strength. (All of your children do- they possess this energy and will and creativity that is so powerful.) I can appreciate her more after reading this post. I think you have a lovely way of describing people and situations, making the reader feel present in a moment or familiar with the people you describe. You have such a gift! Simply: I love to read your words.

  2. Ryan Roling Says:

    I done falled in love to her after reading that sweet li’el ditty.

  3. Gail Brown Says:

    It takes so much energy to love that strong, I would be exhausted too. Your girls have so much personality and freedom to be themselves. I love you all and Shawn for being such a great daddy .You and Rebekah are selfless parents but that is exhausting too.Thank you for sharing with us their wonderful spirits, I wish I were there but then I would be exhausted too trying to keep up with them. Mom

  4. Shawn Says:

    Mom you inspire us with your selfless energy.
    Thank you – I love you.

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