something good to eat

October 31, 2012

(warning: not suitable for human consumption)

once upon a time, in a distant life:
a decent college band made a terrible recording of a horrible song
written for fun as a one-off novelty at a halloween gig…


we recognized (even at the time) how bad it was
and (being without good sense) began playing it at all of our shows
throwing it into the breakdown
on the bridge of the song Celebrate (a Rare Earth cover)

Happy Halloween!

1. we did not choose the band name (we inherited it)
2. this recording only exists on cassette:
the tape player i used to make this digital copy played a tiny bit fast raising the pitch and increasing the speed (ever so slightly) of this flawless gem
– i don’t think this matters much with this song –

3. my pride and sense of social responsiblity will not allow me to leave this link up after halloween

2 Responses to “something good to eat”

  1. Gail Brown Says:

    Interesting in the spirit of Halloween.

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