October 10, 2012

my father in law
i call him dad, easily
i do think of him as Jim as well
its hard not to
Dad, Jim, Jimmy D., noise with skin on it…
right now when i think of him
(which is constantly)
i think of rice paper
and there he is standing in the loneliest place
i have ever seen
and i can’t.
i cannot place myself in his shoes
cordoning off; protecting the dignity of his bride
but it is beyond that and still he is there
standing beside her
stroking her face, kissing her cheek
exhaustion, grief… rice paper.

some of the best beers i have ever tasted
were shared with him
(though he is not a drinker)
delicious in camaraderie and conversation
in the most exotic locales
i could imagine;
it will happen again
though tinged forever with sadness

i once declared that i would never help him fix anything ever again
as a sexton (a holy handyman) i am certain that
repairs made to glass should not be made with a hammer
but the rules do not always apply to him
if i don’t like it its my problem
right now
i would fall on my knees and beg to fix it if i could.

the disclaimer for this blog
was actually first thought of
when i imagined a title for his biography:
all facts are exaggerated for your enjoyment.
it would be a good read
and even better given in his oral tradition
(with spastic gesticulation)
his transmission translating truth into entertainment

and his belief, his strength, his example
summed up in a sentence that he has used to move thousands
God is good.
well, so is he
and God bless him for it…
all the time.


4 Responses to “Jim”

  1. Dad Says:

    Thank you Shawn. I’m both “Blessed” and “Impressed.” Your words describing these days have been so accurately descriptive. Shawn I hold you in wonder.

  2. rachel Says:

    Oh Shawn. Thank you. Your words are such a blessing and this was so moving to me. I want to drink these words up (I am, by reading them over and over again). I am speechless right now except to say thank you.

  3. Ryan Roling Says:


    Too bad Jimbo doesn’t drink. Some spirited “water” could help him out. I happen to know that rice paper increases in strength and durability when it’s a bit wet.

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