physics of nonconfinement

September 20, 2012

children are often the only light in a dark time
cause they don’t know any better than to shine
here is a little story to share the brightness of mine
(and don’t worry they end up just fine)

they are wearing my belt
little else (as always)
but the both of them wearing my belt
fastened securely containing them in its loop…
inexplicably they are wearing it
while standing balanced on the back of the couch
(i say inexplicably but after all
they are listening to the Muppets).
then they jump
they land
and begin to climb back up
still tethered together
and i think
>> so, ok – theyre fine << (……..???)
and continue to the kitchen
i am a tired tortoise in a hectic hare’s life
and it is a busy morning
a lot to do, what with getting them breakfast
and getting ready for work and
its trash day – oh no!
is that the truck! – so much stink – it must be collected!

(oh look, i’ve been forgetting to water the {withering} plants)
and etc etc etc as it is for us all………


and then i form the mental picture…
a 2 dimensional chalkboard (whiteboard) image, a line drawing
an elementary math illustration, if you will:

oooohhh thats not good.

coming back into the living room i see it happening
not at all in slow motion
in very fast motion
just like i’d imagined it
(i have such a good imagination)

tears but incredibly no blood
a spotted bruise already formed under the fattening lip
an imprint of the carpet on her face
(apparently her lips broke her fall)
in the freezer there is an old frozen teething ring
that will work as an icepack
she accepts it eagerly
putting it to her mouth, burying her head in my shoulder…
…..Hannah: Elanor, now your like a baby.
…..Elanor: yah *sob*
…..Hannah: do you wanna play baby?!
…..Elanor: YAH!!
and off they go. (as everyone knew they would)
my kids fall well
that will come in handy for them someday.

so later the question becomes:
how can two peices of toast produce four feet of jam?

a deep red can look good with a creamy white
but not this time. (jam doesnt go well with carpet)


4 Responses to “physics of nonconfinement”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    I needed the illustration… your imagination is much more grounded in reality than mine! “i am a tired tortoise in a hectic hare’s life” is a lovely line. As is “my kids fall well / that will come in handy for them someday.”

  2. I wanted to somehow bring this to the attention of Randall from xkcd or the xkcd community, but you have to have five regular posts in their discussion forum before you can post a link.

    Maybe I’ll try to just send him an email.

  3. Ryan Roling Says:

    Awesome! Let’s play baby.

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