at another lake

September 17, 2012

the sun is out
but low in the west
a pleasant enough evening
the lake is very quiet
so that you see the reflection of the sky
more presently than the lake itself

we stand talking, even laughing
a family circle
not ignoring the lake but certainly not giving it undo attention
though it would draw us and halt all talk
you show me the wound
like a huge bullet hit you in the back
cancer firing its silent gun
the shot echoing across the lake
setting the rhythm of our conversation
the background to our thought

your wife, she sees the lake
feels its crushing mass
and your daughters
(i can’t pretend to know what they’re thinking)
they are a mystery yet unto themselves
and not ready for their superdad to fall

our father is there; a lake unto himself
and also a silent strength
the welding in the joint that connects us.
our sister with her own waters rushing around her
seeking solace, seeking answers, seeking…
and Mom
trying so hard to hold all the molecules to her
to not let the lake escape and flow over her
or you or me or anyone
a levee of love

the rocks that are thrown – skip
barely disturbing the water’s surface
they neither distort the sky’s reflection
nor reveal much information
our eyes linger there

you are afraid and you are brave and it seems such a lonely place

i want to refuse this lake
to refute it
to put the chain up across the parking lot entrance
to block off the docks and the boat ramp
to not allow the water to touch the shore
to put up a sign:
………………lake closed
. ………….seek grief elsewhere
there are plenty of others
we are not ready to dive into this one yet


2 Responses to “at another lake”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    Good job. I admit I had my doubts about the metaphor at first. But it continues to work when you use it.

  2. Ryan Roling Says:

    Sadly beautiful.

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