what, do you think I was born yesterday?

August 20, 2012

well, yes… you were.

i have it on pretty good authority
my own actually
as i was there
kneeling on the bed
next to your mom
with the fluids of your birth pooling around my knees
and suddenly you were there too

in her arms.
we had been holding hands
and then she was holding you

and it was ok, and she was ok, and you are ok
and that is wonderful.

it was beautiful as far as these things go
very quiet, quick, without violence
of course it wasnt easy for your mom
but she is strong and determined
and wanted you so much

your sisters were there
loving on their mama
fascinated by the whole thing
crying with joy (and the younger; some brief fear)
stating claims of protective ownership
before your cord was even cut
forever we are yours together you are ours

i held my breath until i heard you take yours
so small, that first sharp sip of air
your first breath…i will never forget it.
you lay on your mother’s chest
tiny fists resting
dark eyes open flutter close
soft on soft
then your big sister cut the cord
and you are your own

your mom held you loved you
as she always will
as only she can
fiercely softly
better than anyone

i wanted to hold you
skin to skin
so that we could breathe each other
and we did and i fell in love again

your sisters were so happy to see you
to meet you
to love you
to kiss your cheek and marvel at how soft it is
to spontaneously sing you songs of welcome


welcome son,
may the rest of your life be so charmed.
you will always be so loved.


10 Responses to “what, do you think I was born yesterday?”

  1. rachel Says:

    Hooray for this post!! There are so many brilliant lines here “breathe each other . . .hello. . . ” “big sister cut the cord and you are on your own” “forever we are yours together you are ours” Mmmmm, so much to delight in in this one. I am glad I got to share it with you in the actual moment, but if I hadn’t I think reading this would have made me feel like I had been there. In the words of Corban, “Well done Big Daddy!”

  2. Ryan Roling Says:


    This is my favorite post. In fact, as your daughters claimed their brother, I claim this post. “This is my post. This is my post!”


    P.S. Sumani tu tanka owachi.

  3. Kristen Says:

    Just Beautiful. Exquisite. I’ve read this post several times and each time your words bring tears. What beauty- in what you say, in who you and your family are, and in this moment you’ve shared. I agree with both Rachel and Ryan… there are so many great lines in here and this is my favorite post. Write on, oh great wordsmith!

  4. Steeny Lou Says:

    “…loved you
    as she always will
    as only she can
    fiercely softly
    better than anyone”

    As a mom of seven, I love that – especially “fiercely” and “softly”.

    Thank you for having come to read my story on my blog, and for sharing a link for yours.

    I’m also on WordPress – http://holysheepdip.wordpress.com/ – but have yet to copy my unassisted home birth to the new site. With seven children and working full time from home, as one might imagine, I’ve not got a lot of time.

    Blessings to you and your family.

  5. Marvellous. Utterly marvellous.

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