June 28, 2012

a fingertip so lightly breaking the surface tension of silent water
the first sunlight to breach the horizon after polar night
the first sip of beer after a hot day’s hard work
a sleepy child’s first smile of the day
the pinpoint of light from a star
a dropped hint  –  missed
the words: dad, mom
rain in a desert
my ambition

8 Responses to “small”

  1. brbarnacle Says:

    Rain in a desert….beautiful and stark. I appreciate the use of the word first throughout. “My ambition” balances well on the word “miracles”. Thanks for ending it that way. I like this poem, and it makes me want to like beer. Not every poem can do that, Shawn…….I appreciate your willingness to write this.

  2. Ryan Roling Says:


    Very cool.

    Brian – how can you not like beer?

    • brbarnacle Says:

      For growing up in Minnesota, I have no excuse. Shawn has introduced me to the idea of beer on tap (so much better), so I’m slowly being mentored into different thinking. At least one beer on tap for my birthday….I consult with Shawn as to which kind.

  3. Bart Says:

    Beautiful…can’t wait to see you

  4. rachel Says:

    bah ha, I just read this comments. you did make him drink piss once didn’t you? for the record, courteous or not it made me laugh!!

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