beware the presence of the passenjare

June 12, 2012

introductory declarative:
i recognize that it can be tedious to listen to other’s dreams

…(in the dream) i could not stay awake
while driving, while being spoken to
my eyes just kept drooping
the uncontrollable exhaustion made me cantankerous…
i was trying to pull into the parking space directly behind the van.
this was essential to the prime directive:
the transfer from car trunk to van -very important-
unloading the unspecified object with greatest efficiency.
a big black shiny pickup truck went for the space at the same time
the van was parked next to a grass island with a tiny tree
we ended up driving in a tight circle around the van and knoll
around around and around untill i got so frustrated that i peeled out
fast and changed the order of who was first and who was last
(not sure how that worked)
the pickup drove off and i parked – relieved
suddenly papers were thrust through the half-opened window
shaken in front of my face
the woman was frumpy, dark bobbed lank hair, glasses
wearing what appeared to be a park ranger (girl scout?) outfit

“what!? am i being charged with something?”
“fill out the paperwork sir.”

3 pieces of paper: a literal ticket (like from a raffle or county fair)
a red and white two-sided form to fill out
and a tri-fold glossy pamphlet about why it is bad to have:
dual front end aggression parking complex.


3 Responses to “beware the presence of the passenjare”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    That’ll learn ya.

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