now, say it like you mean it: MUNDANE!

April 20, 2012

to place your keys in the wrong pocket
before your hands were full
how would you foresee
which hand, which pocket
would be available.
you might have thought ahead
too late now
you reach across your body
arms with awkward load
hand creeping, inching
pocket tight
fingers walking down
slowly, forcibly at that impossible angle
into a suddenly too deep place
just put the stuff down,
but wait!
almost there.


10 Responses to “now, say it like you mean it: MUNDANE!”

  1. Daniel Koehn Says:

    Very articulate!

  2. reswannb Says:

    this one left me with a wry smile

  3. Jim D Reppart Says:

    Your short blurbs carry a punch while at the same time a curiosity as to what hit me, stimulating thought and contemplation.

  4. Gail Brown Says:

    I’ve done that so many times…

  5. Ryan Roling Says:

    Sweet poem. This is even more difficult for lefties. Scientifically proven.

  6. This is why ive been practicing getting things done…with MIND BULLETS

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