Occupy Christmas – we roll raw

December 8, 2011

you stay tired
you get lonely
and just start feeling pissed off

why does living make me nauseous
and why do good drugs have bad side effects
why do good drugs happen to bad people
contra dance to the contra band
gettin’ elicit                      (with the g’less gerund no less – Ha!)
we have an i-ran-contra-dance-banned affair in our house
< raw milk >
thats right – we roll raw
got la contrarrevolución!?


i really just want to be quiet, gentle
i have no desire to be sardonic or afraid
or to seek some mercenary advantage
but the advance of mercy


my 4 year old wants to discuss infinity
sometimes it fits into her cupped hands.


medium means a lot of different things

maybe we should start an occupy walmart movement
and force them to hold democratic elections
as they are one of the world’s bigger economies
maybe they could lend Europe some money.
it would be so convenient to the occupiers
(it being in a sense a convenience store (+ cleanish bathrooms))
> security: “Hey, what are you doing?”
> occupyee: “puttin’ this flat screen in this tent here;
oh, by the way do you know where the extension cords are?”
> security: “uh, yah, aisle six.”
or forget that grab a mattress and comforter and get cozy
as long as you dont leave youre not stealing.
no more walmart fascists or fashions (or franchise slavery)
better healthcare for the 99% (employees) than the U.S. can agree on
better deals on prescriptions too (if you buy in-store)
enfranchise anarchy
american antimaterialism
communist commercialism
its all been done, huh …. then….
Occupy Christmas!       —         (also been and being done, of course)
let Linus be our spokesman
a drunk zombie santa can be the damn mascot
and Mary can ride Eeyore into the street
so she and Jo can begin their stable family
(i guess in this movement there would be a leader)

  – Ambien Shawn says:
…..there is a furry little medium ball of light floating around
and a heavy door, solid metal, just bolted to the air
but somehow keeping the lightening and the lightning out
and the meat pies and the fury
that taut you to relax
spin in a taught circle – don’t kick anything
collapse on the floor and cry
contra-dancing with no partner
ought to be banned
aught be damned


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