apophenia (or not.)

December 5, 2011

in the bramble’s humble tangle
seeds and thorns for every angle
       catching, spreading
       bite and bloodletting
             to prove us creatures undefiled
             lost in time a mind more wild

cherished mind in humble tangle
seeking not a straighter angle
       seeking not to brood or bleed
       but every thorn and every seed
               another birth of wisdom filed
                   before the scar there was the child


4 Responses to “apophenia (or not.)”

  1. brbarnacle Says:

    Wonderful flow of thought and imagery…..must be said out loud to hear the words with one another. I’m excited for what you’ve written…..more comments later.

  2. Ryan Roling Says:


    Once again you have taught me a new word and cause my mind to spin. Where in the world do your thoughts come from? Very impressive.

    • Shawn Says:

      thank you.
      this one started out (grew) from remembering a grey frozen creek that i played on as a kid. it ran from a pipe under some apartments through an empty lot and was probably a drainage ditch but seemed pretty magical then. after that i couldn’t trace the thoughts myself.

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