its all in your head

October 26, 2011

my head fell off today
it rolled three or four feet before stopping
the odd thing was that i could still see it
you would expect that i would be looking from my head’s point of view
having to carefully lead my body to my head for the extremely clumsy effort of picking it up
but i could clearly see my head
(definitely a momentary identity crisis)
and i still had a headache and felt a bit dizzy
even though my head was on the floor four feet away
just out of reach
it wasn’t difficult to fetch it and refit it (i did brush it off first)
i felt a little worse after putting it back on
the headache more acute and the dizziness more immediate
now that they had a vehicle of expression
it was so strange to have a headache without a head

im not sure why it fell off
it was just feeling rather heavy and off kilter
with the weight on the top and slowly filling it up
then it fell forward and rolled away
i tried to catch it
but i was afraid of poking myself in the eye
so i just let it go…
this makes me a little nervous
cause i think if it happened in public it would be embarrassing
whoops – there it goes – oh watch out – be careful! – don’t kick it
and i guess these warnings would come from the head
the body being without means to speak on its own
so the shouted warnings would be clear one moment and then muffled as the head rolled face down
and what if it happens on the stairs or a steep hill or near water?

i guess life might be ok without a head
but how would i enjoy tasty treats?
i could probably force food and drink down my esophagus
but i wouldnt know if it was yummy
and so many people would be a head taller than me
and i would be hard to recognize (though easy to pick out in a crowd)
plus relearning how to whistle would be weird
and i like whistling
i dont think that the separate sensory experiences
being had by the lost head and the body would be that confusing
cause thats kind of a problem already
but ultimately i think the body would be drawn to search for the head
yeah, i feel that there would be a good deal of anxiety
if your head was missing
but what would the head feel?


2 Responses to “its all in your head”

  1. Tj Says:

    This one’s my favorite. Lewis Carroll would be proud.

  2. pickleloaf Says:

    Dude — you could go to the movies for free in your friend’s bowling ball bag.

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