a quieter attempt‏

October 18, 2011

pitch bends             —             neurons spark
some see molecules   /   some know quarks
                butterfly flaps its wings
and starts changing things
in another country
                                                in another universe
there is another me in a pink shirt     -/mathematically/-
(infinity makes the synapse hurt)
the quality of wisdom:humility
        & uncertainty
believebelievebelieve in me
I Love You unconditionally
“can’t you see
       i will always be your friend”
the end
did i forget to mention ***
did I try too hard
                                to be clever
but you know me better
                                    without condition
                                    in every situation
by definition
                    one cannot fall from Grace
but two can look at the New
                                  and see in the face
everything they love of the Other

One Response to “a quieter attempt‏”

  1. Ryan Roling Says:

    I’ve been busier than a busy business in all its business lately, but longing to read your post. So as I sat down to read it tonight, I felt like an exhausted old lady with an empty calendar and a full cup of coffee, ready to savor.

    To get it, I had to read it twice and I had to look up “quark”.

    But what you can’t sneak past this lover of linguistics is a phrase from the beautiful language of the Souix, beauitfully translated, perfectly placed. As I read those words, I had to choke back circumstantially wonderful emotions, evoked by memories of days on the plains, gone now, but forever with me.

    Forgive me if I sound like I’m trying too hard.

    My ramble is purposeful. The longer I sit with your words running through my head, the longer I consider our friendship, the more I miss you, the more I’m reminded of the agape I feel.

    You, my friend, are my friend.

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