hubris 2 cleverfail

October 13, 2011

dont try to be clever – you will fail
if you try not to be clever and fail…

you are still a failure

but are you a clever failure?  how clever can you be if you are

not clever enough to be successful at not being clever
so does that make you a success – clever again?
oh my
a self contradicting set
cleverness 86’d by a catch 22
and by continuing to write after the words “still a failure”

86’d = no one actually knows for certain where that phrase comes from (lotsa ideas though) = interesting

The Little used to say incestring
she can write her name now but not linearly or sequentially
the letters are all there but are randomly scattered throughout the page
there has got to be a deeply creative lesson in that

– so please think of one

still a failure

*private message* – its the internet!
i like my friend Joe
the reasons have been undefined from the beginning
and the love is unconditional
I have never liked my friends for the wrong reasons
I have always just loved them.
i think its been fairly without condition
*good sequitur*

fairly unconditional —– thats funny
…how religion views grace

completely unconventional…
the catch all idea that our culture uses to try and sell everything

when i was in the seventh grade i used to think it was very clever to say
“i am never right”
and then go on to say that if i truly was never right –
by saying i was never right – i was right about something
of course then this would make me wrong
about saying i was never right because i was right about saying i was never right and so on and so forth until i was a dork forever
so essentially,
i am still telling the same jokes i told in the seventh grade
and they were dorky then. (failure)

i also thought it was funny
to say to someone (randomly, usually during class)
“Hey, I like that! is that new?!”
and then see how they would react
and what they thought i was talking about
they would then have to choose
either what they thought i would think was cool or
something that they had that could be considered fairly new
to such grand confused effect/affect
to which i would respond offhandedly as i turned away,
“ya, that’s new. i like that.”
then i said it to a guy named Brett who thought it was great fun
and a good game and we continued playing that game together through highschool
so we were both dorks
Brett was an Eagle Scout, and got stabbed in the chest in a burger king (survived) plus he played the drums
so probably just i was a dork

thus i end with success


One Response to “hubris 2 cleverfail”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    When I was in the seventh grade, the dorks were my favorite.
    Some things never change.

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